What’s Going on at Blenz: Blenz at 4198 Main Street in Vancouver Silently Reopens

On June 5th, 2013, we published an article about yet another Blenz (Main Street) mysteriously closing.  For some time just brown paper could be seen on the outside.   We attempted to reach the Franchisee on record without success.

Yesterday, June 17th, it was reported to us that the location had silently re-opened and that the person operating the store was also seen operating at least one other Blenz location.  No further details have been revealed at this point.

In the past, Blenz would have celebrated the takeover of a new Franchisee with a ‘re-opening party’ including free drinks and food for the neighbourhood.  The idea was to inform everyone that the store is now under new management.  In both of these recent closures/reopenings no marketing event was performed so we are not sure what is happening with the ownership structure.  In fact, none of the Blenz Franchisees we asked about it even knew that these stores had closed, let alone re-opened.

In the Blenz ‘Fresh Brew’ publication, the only information that could be found was a new store opening in Ladner.  The Franchisees we surveyed didn’t even know there was a planned opening of a new store in Ladner until the store was open.

All of these recent events beg the question ‘What is going on at Blenz?’




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