The Wired Monk Selected by Fox TV as one of the ‘Coolest Places on Earth’

For those of you interested in franchising, coffee, coffee shops and Canada, you will likely be very interested in the latest news we received on The Wired Monk:

Wired Monk Coffee Bistros has been chosen as one of the “Coolest Places on Earth”!  In the episode airing this Saturday titled “The Wilds of Western Canada and the Territories”, we are featured as the most popular cafe in the place known for it’s great coffee. We were chosen, as people connected with the show had recently visited BC and felt that Wired Monk was the “coolest place” they had been.

The episode airs on Fox TV in BC (it is the Seattle affiliate KCPQ) and will air at 9:00 am Saturday, May 3, 2014.  Please check your local listings.  This show will be replayed once more in 2014 and at least once in 2015.

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