Vancouver’s Best Coffee Bars and What it Means to Coffee Franchising

A few months ago the VCSFA published an article called ‘Do Customers Like Coffee Shop Franchises?’ and it was one of our most popular articles.

In February the Vancouver Sun published another article called ‘Vancouver’s Best Coffee Bars’ which helped cement our suggestion that although Vancouverites outwardly appear to prefer to spend their money at big chains, the chains don’t generate any ‘wow-factor’ for them.

The closest thing to a chain in this list is JJ Bean and 49th Parallel Cafe – neither of which are either a Franchise business model or dabbling in the rapid expansion practiced by most ‘successful’ large chains and franchises.

For someone considering the idea of opening an independent cafe versus a franchised cafe, we hope this Vancouver’s Best Coffee Bars article will open your ideas to the idea that an independent cafe may not be any less successful than paying dearly for the right to use someone’s name.