Can Blenz Coffee Survive the Calgary Alberta Market?

Can Blenz Coffee Survive the Calgary Alberta Market?

Blenz Coffee has made the very interesting decision to attempt the Calgary, AB market.

This is following what appears to be a very serious focus on the Okanagan region.

But why are locations closing in their Vancouver lower mainland backyard?

Could it be that word has gotten out in their local market that things aren’t quite right?

This recent post with an updated list of a massive 49 entries with the BC Supreme court may shed some light.

One this is for sure.  Whether or not a franchise has 1 location or 63 locations, every buyer must pay special attention to ongoing litigation as each filing can help paint a more clear picture of your future ‘partner’.

Get the right information *before* you buy – not after when it’s too late.


Dunkin’ Donuts Dunked by Quebec Ruling

A 12 year franchisee-franchisor court battle (more acurately ‘battles’ plural) may finally be coming to a close in favour of the little guy as described in this recent article in the Globe and Mail.

In addition, it looks as if franchise legislation may soon become a reality in BC

But what is often not discussed in all of these positive changes is the trail of destruction that occurs leading up to these payouts.  Depression, divorce, and bankruptcies are just some of the items in the list.

In the past, the game has been quite simple for the franchisor.  They not only usually have deeper pockets than their franchisees, but they also often have their own ‘errors and omissions’ insurance which essentially allows them to pay a relatively small deductible and then let this insurance pay for a lawsuit that might be the result of an ‘error’ or an ‘omission’.

But the Franchisees do not have the liberty of purchasing ‘Protection Against Errors and Omissions Insurance’ insurance to level this field.  The Franchisee is forced to fight the battle on their own.  Yet the whole reason they are even trying to fight, is usually because they are losing or have already lost all their money!

The only option that a Franchisee can do is what the Dunkin’ Donuts team did – organize a group and/or class action lawsuit.  This way they can split the costs at least and prove that it’s not just one noisy Franchisee that is upset but the majority.

Something stinks here and change cannot come soon enough.