British Columbia Law Institute (BCLI) Releases Report on a Franchise Act in British Columbia

Members of the VCSFA had an opportunity to meet with Greg Blue of the British Columbia Law Institute (BCLI) approximately one year ago where we had the chance to hear more about the plans for a proposed Franchise Act for BC.  We created this post shortly after this meeting.

At this point, it was in the ‘consultation phase’ where feedback was being gathered by stakeholders in the franchise industry.  To read the original document, you can click this link and download it directly or go to the Franchise Act Project page at the BCLI.

We are pleased to announce that the conclusions from the consultation phase have now been compiled into this document: Report on a Franchise Act for British Columbia which can also be viewed/downloaded from the BCLI project page above.

In the near future, we will write a report with our feedback on the report.

The VCSFA would like to extend our most sincere thanks to Greg Blue and all the others who contributed to this worthwhile project as it has already contributed to the exposure of the oftentimes questionable nature of the Franchise-Franchisor relationship in general, but especially in BC, and will most certainly help any potential buyer (who does their due diligence) avoid some of the common pitfalls prevalent in the industry,



Arthur Wishart – Franchise Disclosure Act of 2000

For any Franchisee, it is of dire importance to know that there are Acts and regulations in some places, but not in all places.

If you are like me, you just assume that anything that could involve possible abuses towards innocent people that there would exist some government organization to regulate it.  Wrong.  Very wrong.

For some odd reason, it is not a federal thing.  It’s a provincial thing (in Canada, that is).

Start by clicking here which will start a PDF download of a summary of what this Arthur Wishart thing offers franchisees in these blessed regions where it is in effect