Franchise-Focused Consulting

Buying a franchise is a serious, serious decision that could end up making you money, or, in a pile of trouble as you may have already learned from reading the articles here at the VCSFA.

Thankfully, there are people who have been through exactly what you are going through now who have made it their business to help you make the best decision for you and and your family.

Most Franchisees, when asked at the end of their franchise journey, agree that if they had the chance, they would have paid up to ten thousand dollars to learn the hard lessons they learned.  At the VCSFA we have personal relationships with real people like you who have lost everything – houses, marriages, business partners, health, sanity, and if that wasn’t bad enough, up to nearly $1,000,000 in lost capital.  We have seen it all.  All of these stories of pain could have been avoided with the advice of a professional franchise consultant.

A franchise-focused consultant is not like a business consultant.  More than one of the above painful stories employed a general business consultant but they didn’t know the details of the very unique business model of  Franchising.  A franchise-focused business consultant has been through the process of choosing, buying, running and selling a franchise business directly.

A Franchise-focused consultant will not only be able to help you make a better decision, but they will also be able to save you countless thousands of dollars that you would have normally handed over to a lawyer in the pre-purchase, the operational, and the post-sale phase.

Even top lawyers in your city may not understand fully the implications of some of the standards clauses found within Franchise Agreements because they have studied law and may not have personally been through the above mentioned phases.  It is also possible that they don’t even know someone who has been through them.  For these lawyers, they will bill you at top dollar yet may not be able to save you from a potentially devastating clause.  We have seen this directly.

Before you buy a franchise business, you might want to consider making your most important business investment: consulting with a franchise-focused consultant.

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