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Why Join the VCSFA?  You can see the list of reasons by going to our ‘Why Join” page, but one of the biggest reasons is because we are improving the lives of coffee shop franchisees around Vancouver.

Here are just a few testimonies from our members:

After dropping off my son at school, I received an urgent phone call from my employee at my store.  They were panicking because the grinder had stopped working.  Not a great way to start a Friday morning.

I told them to go to a nearby store and grind some beans while I worked on fixing the problem.  In the past in this kind of situation I would call my head office and hope that someone there would know what to do but their solution would always end up costing me hundreds of dollars by the time it was solved.

This time, however, I was a member of the VCSFA so I quickly sent a broadcast SMS message to my fellow members about what to do and which service company should I contact.

Within just 10 seconds, I got 4 sms messages from a variety of different members.  One of the members suggested some things that I could try and and he came my store immediately. We figured out that it was my espresso machine grinder that wasn’t working not the drip coffee grinder. Sigh. Staff!

He diagnosed my espresso grinder and after just 20 minutes, voila!! my  grinder was back from the dead!  He also gave me other suggestions that I could try next time as well as some preventative solutions.

I’m so happy that I chose to become a member of the VCSFA.

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