How to Start a Coffee Shop for under $25K without your money?


One of our members submitted this video uploaded by David Hayward and we thought it had tremendous value for potential coffee shop owner.

Many prospective coffee shop purchasers don’t have any confidence in themselves.  They think that since they don’t have any experience in the field, or they don’t have any small business background at all (financing, leasing, etc), that they will not be able to do something powerful on their own.  Instead, they often choose the path of Franchising.  We are not saying that it is not possible to make money with a coffee franchise, but we are suggesting that there are other ways (I.e. spending $25k versus $250K!)

This ten minute video is great because it gives tips that will even help you choose a coffee franchise if you are purchasing an existing store (ie. you should have your store on the right side of the road during morning traffic).

We hope this video will be just another tool along the road to creating a better chance of success for you and your family

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