The Vancouver Coffee Shop Franchisees Association (VCSFA)


Founded in Vancouver, BC, Canada, the nucleus of the Vancouver Coffee Shop Franchisees Association (VCSFA) started when some owners of coffee shop franchises began talking in 2011, which progressed to meeting together for, go figure, a coffee.

On the first meeting, there were just two owners discussing some challenges they were having with their franchise business and their franchisor. To their surprise, they discovered that many of their experiences were not unique to them. For several years they thought that the problems they were having were just happening to them. Immediately they decided to invite another owner they knew. Again they discovered that the same challenges were present there.

The benefit of the new ability to instantly share information with someone who was in the same financial boat was refreshing, relieving, encouraging and exciting. For several of the founding members, they noted that it was ‘The first time in years we felt hopeful again’ and ‘Suddenly they felt their voice may be heard’.

From that point it was decided to create a legal entity so that one voice – the voice of the VCSFA – could speak and be heard, listen, and work on behalf of its members for the betterment of coffee shop franchising in Vancouver.

In conclusion, if you own a coffee shop franchise, if you owned a coffee shop franchise, or if you are planning to own one, we are your one-stop shop for everything you need to know about this exciting industry – the good, the bad, and yes – the ugly, too.


Why should I become a member?

In short, if you don’t join us you are an island on your own, always wondering if your experience is the same as others. If that isn’t reason enough to convince you to join, we’ve broken down the benefits into a point form list:

  • Guidance on how to create your own Committee for your specific brand: because their are many competitors who are members of the VCSFA, it is not permissible to share trade secrets or any information about your brand.  For that reason we will help you form a committee, get your private website set up, help you promote it to all the owners in your chain, and give you guidance for your meetings to help assure you success
  • Instant Alerts of important information
  • A number you can call
  • Discount programs for card holders at each other’s stores wherever you may be*
  • Legal protection: Pool the group’s resources for your legal protection (there is no government body dedicated to franchises like there is in Ontario and other provinces. See this link for more)