How a Burger Franchise Used Coffee to Revive Its Brand

First, thanks to @coffeetalkmag for always tweeting such quality articles.  A recently tweeted article was of high relevance to anyone involved in franchising, especially coffee.

This article is important because it highlights:

  • strategy by the Franchisor
  • importance of coffee to Canadians
  • effort and action by the Franchisor to protect the brand
  • effort and action by the Franchisor to improve the brand
  • effort and action by the Franchisor to reinvent the offering to match the market
  • implementation of a leader who was able and willing to lead
  • the results of the free coffee program – which hurt lots of other local coffee shops was as follows:

    Of the operators who gave it away for free, some of them were up 30-40% in the morning. Guest counts were up 40 or 50%.

In short, as a Franchisor, they came to bat and hit a home run.

If you are a Franchisee in a coffee franchise and don’t have eggs and burgers to sell, you better evaluate quickly how your Franchisor weighs up.

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Another Blenz Bites the Dust: Prestigious Landmark Robson at Burrard Location Gone Forever

Another Blenz Bites the Dust: Prestigious Landmark Robson at Burrard Location Gone Forever

2013 was clearly a tough year for Blenz the Canadian Coffee Company LTD completely losing the prestigious Cambie & 17th and Howe & Hastings locations from its previously expanding chain while experiencing temporary yet unusual and unexplained shutdowns at the Robson & Bute location as well as the Main Street location, not to mention the extremely high number of Blenz current sitting for sale on the world wide webs.  It is also the year that started just months after Blenz made the corporate decision to re-instate previous leader Mark West to steer the Blenz ship – while he remains owner of My Cup Coffee and Tea (currently their website is shown as ‘suspended’ but here is a PDF of the page that was visible until recently: www_mycupcoffeeandtea_com_Franchising_html ) which still competes directly with existing Blenz locations, one location at Georgia and Seymour which chips away at the sales of three different Blenz locations that are steps away.


As if that battle story were not bloody enough for the Vancouver chain, Blenz finished off their year with the colossal and damaging blow of losing their most prized location: Robson & Burrard – One of – if not the – most highly visible and high foot traffic locations in the city.  Although not yet confirmed, it is rumoured that Lulu Lemon will be taking over the location.  The previous franchisee has not been availble for comments yet.  Apparently transparent stretchy pants and yoga gear are well liked by commercial landlords.


Although the economy and ‘coffee saturation’ has been blamed by some for the challenges that franchise model brands like Blenz are facing, it has not seemed to stop corporate chains like JJ Bean and Cafe Artigiano from encroaching on their native territory.

2014 is upon us and it will be most interesting to observe how large number franchise chains like Blenz and Waves play their game.  If 2013 was any indication of the future…


Prestigious Blenz Gone

Prestigious Blenz Gone

Former Coffee Franchisee Speaks about His Coffee Shop Franchise Experience

For anyone considering owning a coffee shop franchise in Vancouver, you might do well to read this recent article called,  “Keep it Clean and Don’t Burn Bridges – It’s a Small World After All” written by an ex-franchisee of a big Vancouver coffee shop brand.  The comments below the article are starting to appear as well.

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